iflight APM2.5 2.6 2.8&PIXHAWK Flight Controller Anti Vibration Plate with Integrated Power Model,ESC,PDB,5V 12V BEC

Intergrated PDB,Current Voltage Sensor, 5VBEC,12VBEC,Anti-vibration Board, 5 in 1 to Gold plate, achieves multifunctional use& reduce unnecessary wire.

Maximum current up to 90A,integrated current voltage sensor,support 3S- 6S current input.

Voltage compatible with APM,PIX flight controllers

12V 5VBEC comes with LC power filter, it helps clean up dirty DC current that often causes lines in wireless video images to achieve purer voltage output.

Power model plug can directly connect to APM2.5/2.6/2.8&PIXHAWK male plug.

Package include:

2 Anti Vibration Plates(upper and lower plate)

4 Anti Vibration Rubber Ball

1 Cable&1 Screw Set


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