MiniQuad HD Camera Mount v2 Midnight

The MiniQuad HD Camera Mount v2 is made of the very resilient thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and is designed to retain your camera while being easy to access and ejection-resistant. With a fully covered rear plate you can be sure your SD card won’t get lost (It may still eject enough to loose connection) when you crash. A snug fit for your HD camera reduces the likelihood your camera will be ejected during rapid deceleration Why NinjaFlex? After printing for hundreds of hours we discovered that the other TPU product we were using had inconsistancies in the filmaent that would create inferior product. We felt that the extra expense of using NinjaFlex was one more step we could take to deliver a superior product to you . Version 2 Improvements: More Beef – The v1 mount could wobble on fast rolls, the v2 mount retains the jellow-fighting features of flexible arms while becoming slightly more rigid to stop the jiggles on rapid acro. USB Access – If you want access to your USB port the v1 mount required you to remove the camera, with the v2 mount you don’t have to! Improved Arm Geometry – The v1 arms could tear given the right situation, the v2 arms have been improved to eliminate that issue. Improved retention – We have only seen one instance of the camera ejecting in a crash but we improved the durability and stress test every mount before shipping them out! All this for only 4G more weight! We strongly recommend the use of M3 washers when attaching, otherwise the head of the screw may pull through the mount


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