Price : $15.99
Brand : Tera

Tera FPV 250 Fiberglass Mini Quadcopter Frame

Tera FPV 250 Fiberglass Mini Quadcopter Frame

The Mini Quad is a low weight Mini Sport FPV Quadcopter frame.
It was designed to make use of standard sized electronic equipment commonly used in RC.
This allows the quadcopter to compete with larger quadcopters, while being smaller and agile !
Working on Mini Quadcopters requires a lot of soldering, wire shortening and creation of power distribution systems.
This product requires a good knowledge of RC systems and is not recommended for beginners.

Materials : Glass Fiber
Fasteners : Stainless Steel & Black Nylon 6/6
Dimension: approx.290(Diagonally)x186(W)x186(L)mm
Maximum Propeller:approx.5″
Motor Mount: M2 12mm 16mm (Tiger MN1806 2300kv, RCX 1804 2400kv), M3 19mm (Tiger MT2206 2000kv, Sunnysky X2204 2300kv)
Flight Controller Mount: approx.30.5 x 30.5mm
Board Camera Mount: approx.32mm x 32mm
100% Brand New

Suggested Components:
Motors: Tiger MX 1806 2280 kv Motor or 2208/1800kv Motor
Propeller: 5×3
ESC: 12/20 Amp ESC
Battery: 23S 1300/1800mAh
Flight Controller: MW,KK, Naze 32, Flip Pro, CC3D

Package Included:
1x 250 FPV Glass Fiber Quadcopter Frame Kit
1x Original Packing


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