Price : $99.95
Brand : USA Toyz

UDI 818A HD+ RC Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera, Return Home and Headless Mode + BONUS BATTERY

New to flying? Or perhaps, you’re just ready to upgrade to a durable model that can handle extreme stunts? Either way, the UDI 818A HD+ is the perfect solution for both beginners and advanced flyers alike! Here’s why: It’s LCD Display Transmitter (4-Channel 2.4GHz) is preloaded with tons of functions to give you the best flight experience possible. The unique Headless Mode and Intelligent Orientation System eliminates the need for adjusting the aircraft’s position prior to taking flight. This is convenient for pros and reduces the steepness of the learning curve for newbies. The Return Home function allows you retrieve your drone with the simple push of a button. Plus, the model is designed with 6 Axis Gyro Stability (3 Gyroscopes and 3 Accelerometers). This means precise positioning of the aircraft, super stability, stronger wind resistance and easy maneuverability so that you can implement various flight movements and professional stunts like a 360° Eversion or extreme 3D flips with just one button.

The highly durable, elastic protective frame protects propellers in flight and acts as an anti-collision safety mechanism. However, we’ve included a mini crash pack of 4 bonus propellers just in case. Ultra bright LED running lights add to the futuristic feel of the aircraft’s design. This quadcopter also comes equipped with an HD 2MP camera (Resolution: 1280 x 720; Framerate: 30 FPS) so that you can take tons of high-res pictures and videos on your bonus upgraded 4MP Micro SD card. Enjoy double the flight time with a bonus 500mAh Li-Po Battery (total of 2). Charge them up before flying with your 2-Ch battery charger or charge them on the go with the bonus 2200mAh bonus power bank. Expect a 90-120 minute charging time and a 7-9 minute flight. After your venture, easily load your images and footage to your computer with the included USB card reader. Product Size: 13.4 x 13.0 x 2.2 in/ 340 x 330 x 55mm


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